January 18, 2017


January Spring

And so just begin. Again. And again and again and again.

I've been holding off posting, waiting for the light to be right for photos, waiting to have time to write something brilliant, waiting to feel better, to have some energy. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

Yesterday, searching for something to read (much like I've been searching recently for a project to spark my knitting mojo) Dani Shapiro's Devotion waved to me from where I'd filed it in my iBooks library. I'd forgotten that I had it. I've been reading ebooks on my Kindle almost exclusively since I bought it last year.

I've been zooming through this memoir ever since. It feels like she's writing to me, personally. About her life that is so like my life in so many ways, excluding the particulars. She echoes the voice in my head, telling me it's time to change something. To look at my life and see where it matches up to how I want to live. And where it doesn't.

I bought some hydrangeas for my desk this morning, on my way to my office. A little Spring in January. Sometimes change needs to start small.