October 17, 2014

Rhinebeck Ahoy!

It's hard not to use religious metaphors when talking about the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. If you're a fiber enthusiast, the third weekend in October is a High Holiday. The weather is (usually) crisp and the leaves are spectacular. The air is filled with the sounds of sheep bleating and dogs barking and old friends meeting again. Shrieks of children having a great time and grown-ups finding that thing, that special, special thing that they've been wanting all year. Or discovering something they didn't know they'd been wanting. Or many things.

It's hard not to go a little crazy.

But what makes it so special to me, is that the entire place is filled with people who love what they do. Really love it. Some are making a living at it and others are helping them do that. But everyone there is wearing something that they made, or showing off a clutch of fiber for a new project, or letting the colors and textures and sounds and smells lead them to a new hobby. A new love.

It is a magical place.

I can't wait for tomorrow!

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